What is the difference between lintel beam and lintel?

Difference between Beam and Lintel


According to ‘Frederick S. Merritt & Jonathan T. Ricketts’ (Author of Building Design and Construction Handbook), beams are the horizontal members wont to support vertically applied loads. during a more general sense, they’re structural components that external loads tend to bend or curve.


According to ‘Frederick S. Merritt & Jonathan T. Ricketts’ (Author of Building Design and Construction Handbook), lintels are horizontal member wont to support masonry over windows, doors, and other openings during a wall. Technically speaking, they too beam but with a particular purpose and used at a particular location.



The different types of beams are used in Construction world. There are Following type of beam.

1)cantilever beam,

2)simply supported beam,

3)fixed beam,

4)overhanging beam etc.

They can be of different materials.


1)Normally they are simply supported types. 2)Types of lintels are

a)wooden lintel,

b)Concrete lintel,

c)stone lintel,

d)brick lintel,

e)steel lintel etc.

Nowadays wooden lintels aren’t used because wood is susceptible to rot and also, damage during a fireplace and hence may cause the collapse of the wall above it.

Load transfer Criteria


The beam carries the load from different elements of RCC structure.

In Which they are included

Slab and transfers to the column, Now column it is transferred to the footing and from footing finally to the soil.


lintel carries the load only from of the wall which are constro above the openings and finally transfers to walls only.



We know that beam have many types. According to that the beam may act as a fixed beam or simply supported beam, based on support conditions.

Lintel :-

lintel always acts as a simply supported beam.

Structural Impotance:-


We know that beam carries the load of the slab and also know beam is a flexural member of the structure.

Beam deflect due to upcoming load.

The beam is important eleo of the building and hence it needs due consideration while designing.


Whereas most of the days lintels are neglected, sometimes these structures aren’t even provided, which ultimately results in diagonal crack at openings.



Beams may be straight, curved or tapered in the plan.


On the opposite hand, lintels could also be straight or curved within the plan but the newest trend is to avoid lintel and supply a deep beam that’s up to the highest of the door or framework which ends up in saving time and offer more sound and sturdy construction.

Width :-

The width of the beam are often adequate to or quite the dimensions of the wall below. it depends on the load.


The width of the lintel is adequate to the dimensions of the wall below.



The beam are often of long span or short span depending upon structural configuration. it’s for much longer as compared to its cross-section.


lintel is essentially a brief span member. it’s not for much longer as compared to its cross-section.


Beam is important elements of the structure whereas lintel is also a helpful to the frame.

Beam is to be design have many complexity

But lintel has a simple in design.

I think this article is very helpful.

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