Which types of concrete are used in different types of structure?

Any building made of R.C.C. components have different elements like footings, columns, shear walls, slabs, beams etc.

Each element is different with respect to its structural design. In the same way, same type of concrete is not feasible for same elements.

There are various types of concrete available in market as per different requirements related to structural design, elements of building, site requirements etc.

Given below is a list showing different elements of building and corresponding concrete which is recommended.

Element Type – Type of Concrete

  1. Raft Foundation Self Compacting Concrete – Temperature Control Concrete
  2. Isolated & Combined footings – Regular Concrete
  3. Isolated slope footing – Low Slump Concrete
  4. Plain Cement Concrete – Low Grade Concrete
  5. Backfilling of Excavated Earth – Lean Pumpable Concrete
  6. Columns Regular Concrete – High Strength Concrete, Early Strength Concrete
  7. Shear Walls Self Compacting Concrete – High Strength Concrete
  8. Slabs Regular Concrete – Self Compacting Concrete
  9. Beams Regular Concrete – Self Compacting Concrete
  10. Prestressed members – Early Strength Concrete
  11. Plinth Filling – Lean Pumpable Concrete
  12. Sunken Area Filling – Light Weight Concrete
  13. Terrace waterproofing layer – Light Weight Concrete
  14. Retaining Walls – Self Compacting Concrete
  15. Pathways and parking areas inside society premises – Decorative Stamped Concrete

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