Is it possible to build a skyscraper 2 kilometers high?

Is it possible to build a skyscraper 2 kilometers high?

It is. But it will demand a monstrous budget and the need to research new ways to improve existing construction systems.

Skycrapers have been adding meters to their buildings with a steady flow since 1880.

Dreaming about reaching the 2 km goal might seem crazy today the same way it would have sounded 120 years ago.

Without judging the need and sustainability of a building such as the one proposed, I believe that it will be a challenge that will surely help to drive the innovation of engineers and architects, plus a whole industry associated to construction including aerospace, chemical and high tech.

I reckon that a combination of a concrete and a steel structure will allow to reach the desired height.

The building will be designed as a crane system allowing to lift materials and people.

There was an ambitious project called X-Seed 4000 – Wikipedia by which the designers planned to build up to 4 km high. It was never developed beyond a concept design though.

X-Seed 4000 concept drawing.

There is also another project called Sky Mile Tower which is planned to have more than 1.600 meters high.

Tokyo’s mile-high skyscraper to be the tallest in the world

So as you can see, we are slowly reaching new heights that can eventually reach the 2.000 meters.

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