How can I make a RCC slab without any beam?

Yes it is possible to design slab without any beam. By using FLAT SLAB , it is a reinforced slab which built monolithically with the supporting column only. Load is directly transfers from slab to the supporting column. In the construction of flat slab we have to provide :

1) Drop. 2) Column head or column capital.

Drop is a part of the slab around the column, which have greater thickness than the rest of the slab.

And in capital column or column head , the diameter of the supporting column is increased below the slab.

Flat slab is design by two methods


You can design the flat slab according to IS CODE 456:2000.

Advantages of FLAT SLAB
1)Thus a plain ceiling is obtained, giving attractive appearance.
2) The plain ceiling diffuse the light better.
3). Cheaper form work thus reduced the construction cost.

Flat slab is constructed in case of large span and heavy load.

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