Is it easy to lay a concrete sidewalk? Is this something that an amateur can do?

Depends on a few things. Do you have the tools? How large of a sidewalk are you talking about: don’t be over zealous as concrete dries on its own schedule and when it starts to go off there is no stopping it.

PRO TIP: measure your length by width by depth of concrete for a cubic yard measurement. Concrete is ordered in yards for large pours. Or go by a bag calculator to figure out how many bags of Crete. I always round up a tad. Last thing you want to do is end up short and have to run out to go get an extra bag or two to finish your pour.

  1. Excavate and Form the area to be poured:pic 1
  2. Put in sub base stone for drainage: pic 1
  3. Add reinforcements – usually re-mesh- pic 1
  4. Pour and level concrete with screed board – I usually tap forms with hammer to get air bubbles out of sides. pic 2
  5. Float off with magnesium float – pic 2
  6. Trowel smooth with steel trowel some skip this step and just use the mag float or bull float – pic 3
  7. Use edger on sides and push in expansion joints with jointer every 3 ft or so. Pic 4
  8. Give it a broom finish for traction – pic 5
  9. Next day or so CAREFULLY remove your forms.
  10. After curing run a good polyurethane sealant like sika in the expansion joints to keep water from laying in them and cracking the concrete.

It’s generally pretty easy but requires some specific tools. Good luck

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5

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