What is the purpose of investigation for bridge?

Bridges are vital infrastructure assets which maintain smooth flow of traffic through highways or railroads. Poor state of a bridge would not only become a traffic bottleneck but may also become a grave safety hazard for vehicles and public. Therefore routine inspection of bridges by the authorities (who own or maintain the infrastructure) is essential.

Inspection can be only visual, which would reveal issues like major cracks on piers/ deck/ girders, spalling, honeycoming of concrete, corrosion of reinforcement, scouring of foundation, tilting, condition of bearings etc. Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU) is used for looking beneath the bridge.

This should be followed by detailed investigation to assess the condition of bridge and quantify the extent of problems. Indian Roads Congress has come out with a manual for this IRC SP 35 which may be referred. Based on the investigation, remedial measures i.e. repair/ rehabilitation/ reconstruction can be planned.

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