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Civil Engineering Seminar Topics
Civil engineering seminar topics

Management of municipal solid waste by vermicomposting

Silica fume concrete
Smart materials and smart structures
Self compacting concrete
New silica to improve recycled concrete aggregates
Passive solar building
Multi model transportation
Seismic retrofitting technique
Fibre reinforced concrete
Use of flyash in highway embankment
Tensibility structures
Ground penetrating radar and its application in civil engineering
White Topping
Feasibility study of waste material for road construction
Undersea resort (Civil Engineering Seminar topics)
Fibre composite sand with structure-Alternative material for railway sleepers
Gas based construction site layout evaluation
Challenges for construction of bridges in hilly areas
Runoff and soil erosion from highway construction soil deposit- A rainfall simulation study
Pervious concrete
Durability of steel reinforcing concrete in chloride environment
Green roofs
Highway noise barriers
Coir Geotextiles
Ceramic waste coarse aggregate
Sensors materials-Sensors in bridges
Cement based coatings for controlling algae growth in water distribution canals
Microsurfacing Techniques
Poscidon undersea report
Water efficient building design
The dynamic architecture
Improvement of properties using fibre in concrete
Scrap tyres as construction materials in civil engineering applications
Evaluation of a geoform as a geotechnical construction material
Offshore structures
Energy piles
Smart home
Porous pavement
Soil Nailing
Self healing concrete
Coconut fibre reinforcing concrete
Parametric study on the influence of steel and polyester fibres in self compacting concrete using flyash
Transport concepts
Blast resistant structures
Plastic in soil stabilization
Performance of rice husk ash mixture as a sustainable construction material
Intelligent irrigation
Lidar mapping
Study of sheet glass powder as fine aggregate replacement in concrete
Demolition of concrete structures
Micro piles subjected to lateral loading as oblique pull
Roller compacted concrete
Nano architecture
Performance in tunnels causes and remedies
Fluid viscous damper
Soil and water assessment tool
Role of building informaton modelling in energy efficient building design
Permafrost constructon
Urban heat island
Ground improvement using stone columns
Wind analysis of Burj Khalifa
Submerged floating tunnel
Textile reinforced tunnel
Cement and global warming
Water proofing system
Passive cooling in concrete
Artificial ground water recharge
Integrated survey
Innovaive methods for construction
Methods of removal of chromium from waste water
Pedestrian comfort with transport system
Virtual prototyping for planning bridge construction
Diagrid structures
Stone mastic asphalt
Conductive concrete using carbon fibre tape
Self curing concrete
Ferrari World Abudabi
Warm bituminous mixes-The wave of future
Floating airport
Building underground to conserve energy
Stabilization of soil with rice husk ash
Piled Embankments
Study on analysis of yellow intervel dilemma at intersections
Slurry infiltration Fiberous Reinforced Concrete
Method for best aggregate packing mechanism in pavements
Bamboo Construction
Biominicry in civil engineering
Pedestrian behaviour at signalized pedestrian crossings
Ballast less track system
Bio reactor landfill for sustainable waste management
Improving mechanical properties of sand using biopolymers
Impact of climate change on surface water quality-A review
Hair fibre reinforced concrete
Use of shape memory alloys in civil engineering
Utilization of oil palm kernel shell as light weight aggregate

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