890 Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering-Page NO:4

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Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering

Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering
Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering

Utilization of oil palm kernel shell as light weight aggregate

Wind driven ventilation
Carbon dioxide uptake in demolished and crushed concrete
Study of zero enrisson city with a case study
Constructed wet land
Precast concrete structures
Controlled permeable formwork for improving durability of concrete
Modelling and the stripping potential of Asphalt concrete
Phosphogypsum concrete
Moisture damage in wooden houses
Transport properties of fibre exposed concrete
Use of plastic waste as aggregate in cement mortar and concrete preparation
Ecofriendly House construction using Gypcrete panels
Stability of brakewater  armour units against Tsunami attack
Conrol of corrosion on underwater piles using FRP warps
Effect of aging in load bearing capacity of pile foundation
Study of strength behaviour of soil reinforced with SISAL fibre
Induced partial ssturation – A new method to migrate liquifaction
Karst limestone foundation geochemical problem, detection and treatment
Utilization of rice husk ash and recycle papermill residue in the production of  light weight bricks
Cellular lihtweight concrete
Construction of building for aged and disabled people
Review of concrete road construction practices
Intelligent transportation system
The use of geosynthetics in the treatment and disposal of solid waste by landfill
Application of baralt rock fibre in civil engineering
Recycled plastic botteles in road construction
Capillary effects on dynamic modules of sands and silts
Durable concrete with smart artificial lightweight aggregates
Reversible lane system
Use of natural zeolite in self consolidating concrete
Non constructional aggregates
Water resistant panel made from recycled plastics and wood flour
Influence of vertical rope reinforcement on stability of structure built using inter locking blocks
Seawater processes investigation  and control
Mega construction of Hongkong airport on artificial island
New trends in Highway Construction Technology
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Carbonation Curing in Precast Concrete production
Damages to structures due to Blast Vibration
Seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete structures
Microsurfacing Techniques
Stability of brakewater  armour units against Tsunami attack
Improving mechanical properties of sand using biopolymers
Slurry infiltration Fiberous Reinforced Concrete
Recycled Glass Concrete
Chemical Grouting
Effective treatment of red mud and their applications in civil engineering
Stress ribbon bridges
Use of shape memory alloys in civil engineering
Porous pavement
Soil Nailing
Dynamic tower-Dynamic architecture
Automated highway system
Ballast track system
Integrated system platform for energy efficient building operations
Magler Technology in elevated Transportation
Straw Bale Construction
Sustainability with ultra performance concrete
Electro kinematic stabilization of soft soil using carbonate producing bacteria
Flood proof Housing
Bacterial concrete-New era for construction industry
Assessment and rehabilitation of fire affected concrete structures
Compressed stabilized earth block technology
Mechanical stabilized earth walls and soil slopes
Application of ANN in civil engineering
Water treatment using ultra sound
Infrared thermography and its applications in civil engineering
Rail embankment stabilization on Permafrost
Study on recycled aggregate concrete
Application of fibre optic sensors in civil engineering
Safe disposal of Biomedical waste
Bioretention Techniques
Autoclaved aerated concrete
Role of building information modelling in energy efficient building design
Green concrete
Bus rapid transit system
Submerged floating tunnel
Advanced composite materials and its application in bridge construction
Wet Scruber
Earth tunnel cooling system
Geofoam for slope stabilization
Behaviour of tyre shred sand mixture
Reactive powder concrete
Wet Scruber
Palm island
Rubber dams
Control of corrosion of under water piles
Earthquake resistant building construction
Personal rapid transit
Determination of insitu stress in rocks
Nano Concrete
Delhi metro construction methods
Solar chimney powerplant- A renewable source of energy
Wireless creack detection in concrete
Application of plasma arc technology in waste

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