Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering Students-Page NO:5

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Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering-Page NO:5

Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering
Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering

Application of plasma arc technology in waste

Solar Roadways
Bus rapid transit system
Review of the performance of the submerged floating tunnel
Bendeable concrete using cementatious compounds
Spherically voided bi axial slabs
Rubble mount sea walls – a study on failure aspects
Carbonating magnesia for soil stabilization
Personal rapid transit system
Suitability of bamboo for manufacture of structural components
Sky bus technology for improving urban transport facility
Utility of paper bricks prepared from paper sludge
Reinforced concrete
A study on integral abutment bridges
Technologies in building demolition
Ground improvement using microbid geotechnology
The influence of water magnetisation on concrete
Retrofitting of existing buildings
A detailed evaluation of formwork in high rise construction-climbing formwork
Earth ship homes to ensure sustainable habitat
Potential of flyash as a supplementary cementatious material
Connected vehicle echnology for a better transportation system
Cost effective construction technologies for residential buildings
Approaches towards planning zero energy building
Coconut  shell as coarse aggregate in concrete
Coastal line protection by the method of artificial nourishment
Recycled aggregate concrete
Prefabricated vertical drainage system- a case study
CO2 capture and storage (CCS): a solution for global warming
Defluoridation of water by leaf powder
 utility of rubber dam in hydraulics engg
Plasic as soil stabilizer
Electro-kinetic remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil
Influence of metakaolin in cement
Behaviour of geotextile infiltration application
Application of geogrids in flexible pavements
Hybrid fibre reinforced concrete
Waste lattex as an admixture concrete
Review of different techniques used for defloridation of water
Assessment and abatement of emissions from transport sector
High strength concrete using waste steel scraps
Partial reinforcement of cement by phosphogypsin in concrete
Smart sensing technologies for structural health monitoring
Behaviour of masonry building during earthquake
Impact of Manglev trains in transportation
Structural behaviour of concrete filled steel tubes
Autoclaved airated concrete
Use of flyash in road construction
Infrared thermography and its application in civil engg
Utilization of E waste in concrete
Concrete impregnated fabrics and its application
Evaluation of differential settlement control measures observed during highway widening
Phyto remediation: an eco technology to treat contaminated sites
Solar roadways
Application of shape  alloy based devices in eartquake mitigation
Rubcrete – use pf rubber type instead of aggregate in concrete
Blast resistant buildings
Reinforcing concrete using hair fibres
Chitin a material for water purification
White topping a rehabilitation method for pavement
Mulau via duct – the tallest bridge in the world
Decorative concrete overlay
Green highway – a solution to sustainable infrastructure
Partial replacement of cement by utilizedred mud in concrete
Evacuated tube transport technologies
Stabilization of Kaolinite clay using cement kiln dust
Thermal comfort of building using phase changing material
Self healing bacterial concrete


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