Awesome Seminar topics For Civil Engineering Final Year Students-Page NO:2

Here I am going to give you some ideas about seminar topics for civil engineering students.I wrote 5 pages for my students.If you cant find your lovely topics..please go through other pages also, the links are given below.

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Seminar topics For Civil Engineering final year students

Seminar topics For Civil Engineering
Seminar topics For Civil Engineering

Lilypad floating city

Use of industrial biproducts and recycled materials in concrete structures
Suitability of rubberwood as a building material
Eco paints
Simplified procedure for determining rural road improvement priorities
Flexural strength of beams in corporating copper slag as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete
Slurry infiltration Fiberous Reinforced Concrete
Impact of digging on urban roads and its management
An overview of seismic considerations in buried pipelines
Readymix concrete
Waterproofing of structures
Design and construction of antiwashout underwater concrete
Water damages to a building and its remedies
Palmcrete light weight concrete
Bacterial concrete
Simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorous removal from high strength industrial waste water using aerobic granular sludge
Safety on construction sites with tower cranes
Cyber texture
Classification of structural controlled buildings by energy concept
Slope stabilization in hill roads using bioengineering works
Maturity of concrete
High strength rebars
Study on shear strength of sands reinforced with randomly distributed discrete fibres
Sustainable design factors in high rise buildings
Water quality management of roof top rain water harvesting system
Plasma arc technology in waste disposal
Box culvert construction details and GFRP box culvert
Skid resistance on pavements
Two tyer porons asphalt concrete- A noise reduction measure in asphalt pavement
Self compacting concrete
Cell filled pavements
Retractable roofs in sports venues
Analysis of road accidents
Solid waste management using GIS
Computation of concrete by immersion vibrators for durable structures
Laminated flooring
Environmental auditing
Formation of cracks in dense bitumen macadam
Hydraulic fracturing
Construction roofs
The Tajmahal-Construction
Environmental impact on rail construction
GPS and GIS-Applications in civil engineering
Geopolymer concrete
Smart sensing monitoring and Damage detection for civil structures
Progressive collapse analysis of structures
Tensile fabric structures
Ground improvement using prefabricated vertical drain
Palm oil fuel ash-A partial cement replacement material in concrete
Traditional ArchiTecture of Kerala
Highway Alignment Optimization Incorporation Bridges and Tunnels
Glass fibre reinforced concrete
Seaquestration of carbon dioxide
Bus rapid transit as a sustainable public alternative
Fundamentals of electronic toll collection
Light transmitting concrete
Role of FRP composites in bridge construction
Degradation of phenol by fuidized bed bioreactor
Multi model transportation
Slipform Paver
The eco smart concrete
Private public partnership
Autoclaved aerated concrete
Designing for construction safety
Cost effective and ecofriendly construction of rural road
Travel time estimation-Different techniques
Seismic base isolation system
Turbin ventilation
Role of remote sensing and GIS in hydrological modelling
Hollow cone slab
Repair and rehabilitation of damaged RCC structures with polymer modified concrete
Highway construction in black cotton soil
Issues associated with reuse of waste water
Durability of copper slag admixed concrete
Non conventional materials used in road construction
Super aerobe technology
Green concrete
High strength concrete
Suitable site determination for urban solid waste disposal using GIS and Remote sensing technique in Kottayam Municipality
High performance concrete
Wembley stadium
High volume flyash concrete materiel classification and application in road projects
Water proofing below ground level
Infrared thermography and its applications in civil engineering
Waste water treatment
Use of sewage sludge ash as brick material
Electro kinetic soft soil stabilization
Heavy metal removal in cold climate and bioretention
Geothermal energy
Stainless steel construction
Recycled aggregate and Its effect on concrete
Gabions for stream bank erosion control
Climate change adaptation required and need of green infrestructure
Grouting methods
Underground weldings
Trenchless technology
Intelligent buildings
Management of municipal solid waste by vermicomposting

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