Composition of Structural Steel-Steel Composition

Steel is one the most common materials used in the construction purpose.The steel has higher strength, durability ,ductility etc.. compared to the other materials.Steel is an alloy of Iron, Carbon, chromium and many other elements.Here iam talking about composition of steel is described below.

Composition of steel

Carbon (C)

Composition of steel

Carbon is the most important chemical element in the steel. When the carbon content increases its strength increased, but ductility decreases.

The carbon content in the steel is normally in the range of 0.20% to 0.30%. The peak value of carbon content is 0.30%, because after this the its ductility will decrease

Aluminium (Al)

It helps to form more fine gradient crystalline structure and it is used as a deoxidizer in the material. Deoxidizer is used to remove oxygen from the material. In comparison with antioxidants, deoxidizers are not used for stabilization during storage but for oxygen removal during manufacture.


Manganese has a percentage ranging from 0.50% to 1.70%.The combination of carbon and manganese makes a steel to acquire its desired properties.

Copper (Cu)

Copper is another material that is used as corrosion resistant in the steel.The amount of copper is less then .20%.


It is also used as corrosion resistant in the steel.

Properties of materials used in construction


Tensile strength increases with hardness of the material. Hardness is the property of a material that enables it to resist plastic deformation, penetration, indentation, and scratching.


It is the resistance against impact load. Due to toughness fracture and cracks will occur in the material.

If the steel is not enough tough, the crack will propagate rapidly. The toughness of material is ability to resist against brittle fracture.


Ductility is the ability of material to withstand its tensile strength.  With the increase in the carbon  content in the steel, its strength increases but its ductility decreases. Ductility is measured by percentage of strain over a given gauge length.


Durability is the ability to withstand wear and tear through wear and tear.

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