Types of Beams-Beams in Structural Members

A beam is a horizontal member of a structure, which carries transverse load acting on them. The loads on beams include a load from the roof slab or load from the floor slab and self-weight of the slab panel. The beam is rectangular in cross section.The types of beams are described below.

Types of beams-Beams in Structural memebers

1.Simply supported beams

Types of Beams
Fig 1 Simply supported beams

Simply supported beams support the load at two ends of the beams as shown in the figure.The two ends may be walls or coloums. No beams will rest freely on support.The simply supported beam have tension at the lower part and compression at the top part.

2.Fixed beam

Types of Beams
Fig 2 Fixed beam


In fixed beam the two ends of the beams are rigidly support.Main reinforcement and stirups are provided.It does not allows vertical,horizontal or rotational movements.Simply we can say that displacements are not allowed.The ends have fixed end moment

Fixed end moment are reaction moments under certain load conditions when both the ends are fixed.

3.Cantilever beam

Types of Beams
Fig 2 Cantilever beams

The one end of the cantilever beam is fixed and the other end is free.Cantilever beam have tension zone in the upper side of the beam and compression zone in the lower part of the beam.

4.Overhanging beams

Types of Beams
Fig 4 Overhanging beams

In overhanging beams,its ends are extend beyond column the wall or coloumn support.

Overhanging is the unsupported part of the beam.The unsupported part may be one side or both side of the each support.

5.R.C.C Beams

Reinforced concrete beams are divided into singly reinforced beam and doubly reinforces beam.

Types of Beams

Single reinforced beams

The beam that is longitudinally reinforced only in tension zone, it is known as singly reinforced beam. In Such beams, the ultimate bending moment and the tension due to bending are carried by the reinforcement, while the compression is carried by the concrete.

Double reinforced beams

The beam that is reinforced with steel both in tension and compression zone, it is known as doubly reinforced beam. This type of beam is mainly provided when the depth of the beam is restricted. If a beam with limited depth is reinforced on the tension side only it might not have sufficient resistance to oppose the bending moment.

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