Difference between Setting of cement and Hardening of cement

Difference between Setting of cement and Hardening of cement

The term ‘Setting’ is used to describe the stiffening of the cement paste. Setting of cement refers to changes of cement paste from a fluid to rigid state. Setting differs from Hardening of cement.

For concrete setting is defined as the phenomenon by which it acquire its shape as per the support inside which it is molded. It is the state from which it enters into amorphous state from plastic state. At setting state if we remove suppose it holds its position for a while but internal crack and deformation start to surface because of absence of strength

The term ‘Hardening’ refers to the gain of strength of a set cement paste, although during setting the cement paste acquires some strength.

Hardening or stiffening: It happens after setting state. It is the phenomenon by which hydration of silicate compound occurs in concrete. That means it gains strength. After stiffening, in the case of removal of support it can hold its shape without crack and deformations.

This is the difference between setting of cement and  hardening of cement.

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