Role of a site engineer in the construction of a building?

What is the role of site engineer in civil engineering construction

Site Engineer Role

Main role= Execution of the work as per architectural & RCC drawing’s & details

1. Checking of allotted work withdrawing at the time of progress.

2. Concentrate on daily scheduled activities and achieve the target within time.

3. Follow instructions of Sr. Engineer and discuss drawing detail queries with him.

4. Co-ordination with labour and site foreman for daily activities.

5. He is responsible for daily schedule and quality.

6. Responsibility of safety of worker at the time of execution.

7. Material management and co-ordination with Senior engineer for day to day requirement.

8. To maintain proper housekeeping at his defined location.

9. To maintain shuttering material in good condition while using / deshuttering / concreting.

10. To get repaired bulging/ honeycombing /grinding etc. immediately after deshuttering.

11. To see that proper curing & hacking is done and up to required time.

12. To see that date in mentioned on every RCC member.

13. Planning concrete required for his building in next week as per schedule and submit to Senior.


These are the roles of site engineer in the construction industry.

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