Expressways in India-Roads in India

Expressways in India

There are 7 express ways in india.The expressways are controlled six lane or eight lane carriage ways with the help of slip ways.The total length of Expressways in India comes around 1450km.

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Here iam showing the list of seven express ways in india

1.Yamuna Expressway

Expressways in India
Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna expressways in constructed in U.P

The length of Yamuna expressway is 165KM

2.Outer Ring Road

Expressways in India
Outer Ring Road

Outer ring road is constructed in Hyderabad in Telangana stae

The length is about 158KM

3.Guntur-Vijayawada Expressway

Expressways in India
Guntur-Vijayawada Expressway

Length is 49Km

Situated in Andrapradesh

4.Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway

Expressways in India
Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway

95 Km in Gujarat

5.Mumbai Pune Expressway

Expressways in India
Mumbai Pune Expressway

Length is 93 km in Maharashtra

6.PV Narasimharao Express way Flyover

Expressways in India
PV Narasimharao Express way Flyover

Length is 12 Km

It is the asia’s first flyover express way in Hyderabad

7.Delhi-Noida Express way

The DND flyway was first constructed in delhi

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