Is there any better material than Steel for Construction?

Is there any better material than Steel for Construction?

When it comes to construction, steel undoubtedly is the most preferred building material. Builders, architects , and designers have always chosen steel over other materials and with the increase in popularity of steel buildings, its demand has increased significantly. Here are some reasons that make steel a popular choice for construction projects.

1. Speedy construction

Builders and engineers want to complete construction projects on time, and steel is a time-efficient option for them. Steel components are manufactured off-site, and simply need to be assembled on site. This means that structures made from steel can be erected in a much lesser time, and hence steel is preferred as a building material over others.

2. Reduced cost

As steel components used in buildings are manufactured off-site, there is a limited requirement for on site construction, which means reduced labour costs. Also, steel does not corrode easily and steel buildings need minimum maintenance, which saves a lot in maintenance cost as well.

3. Durability

Steel has high tensile strength and has better load-carrying capacity than other construction materials. It can also withstand difficult external conditions like hurricanes and earthquakes which makes it an excellent construction material in terms of durability and safety.

4. Architectural flexibility

Another advantage of using steel in construction is that it offers scope for flexibility. For instance, if you need to expand a steel building, instead of tearing it down, you can add additional sheets of steel to achieve the desired height and length.

5. Versatility

As a construction material, steel is very versatile. It can be easily shaped and cut and can be used to form different building components like roofing sheets and beams. Its versatility makes it suitable for various kinds of construction projects.

6. Sustainability

Structural steel is a 100% recyclable material. In fact, many steel components used in construction today are made of recycled steel. In case of concrete construction, when a building is demolished the debris becomes a part of waste and is dumped in landfills. But when a steel building is dismantled, its different components can be recycled and reused, making steel a highly eco-friendly construction material.

7. Assured quality

As steel components are manufactured in factories in a closely monitored and controlled environment, there’s no possibility of onsite variability. The steel that comes out of factories undergo strict quality tests and only then they are sent to the construction site.

Steel, without a doubt, offers a host of benefits and is certainly sturdier and more durable than other construction materials. It can make your construction withstand the test of time without negatively impacting the environment. If you are considering using steel components in your building projects, get in touch with Tata BlueScope Steel, one of India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of steel building related products and solutions.

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