Structure of Soil-Different Types of Structure of Soil

Structure of Soil

Hi civilians..soil is the basic element in geotechnical engineering.We have discussed about how soil is formed.The arrangement of soil particle with respect to another soil particle in geometrically is called structure of soil.

We need to study about the stability of soil in geotechnical engineering.Structure of soil is the basic thing which determines the stability of soil.Here we are going to describe about the basic possible soil structures.

1.Single grained structures

Structure of Soil

Single grained structures are formed due to gravitational effect.The gravity results in the formation of loosest and densest state.These type of structures are found in coarse grained structures.The action of surface force in single grained structures are negligeble.

2.Honey-Comb Structure

Structure of Soil

Honey comb soil structure is formed due to both gravitational and surface force.This structure is possible for silts and fine grained particles.Honey comb structures are looses stability very fast.These soil structures collapses under shocks and vibrations.Hence it can support only static loads not dynamic loads.

3.Dispersed structure

Dispersed structure is mainly found in clay that is remoulded.Clay have  the property of positive charges at the edge and negative charges in the face.when they remoulded,the orientation converted into edge to face into face to face.These same charges causes net repulsive forces between the particles.They have low permeability and shear strength and high compressible

Structure of Soil

4.Flocculated Structure

Flocculated structures are generally occures in clays.Clay particles have positive charges at edges and negative charges at the face.The flocculated structure soil is formed by the net attraction between these particles.They have high shear strength,high void ration,high water content and low compressibility.

5.Composite Soil Structure

The composite soil structure is formed by when soil contains different particles.

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