Methods of Compaction of Concrete-Concrete Technology

Concrete Compaction for construction purpose

Compaction is an important term in construction fields.Good compaction of concrete is required for various construction activities.By compacting the concrete can made more stronger and denser.

There are other qualities which determine the strength of the concrete such as the type of cement, quality of water used for mixing, strength of aggregates etc.

So in order to prevent the under compaction of concrete.There are so many tests done for fresh concrete and hardened concrete.

Compaction of Concrete

The compaction can be done by compaction by hand and compaction by vibration.After compaction, the surface of the concrete is brought to a finished level with the help of trowel to prevent evaporation losses.

Vee bee test can be used to measure the consistency of concrete

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Compaction factor test

Methods of Concrete Compaction

1.Compaction by Hand

The compaction of concrete by hand is done by using a standard tamping bar.By using standard tamping bar, we can distribute the concrete in a uniform manner along the cross-section of the mould.The number of tamping of strokes per layer varies with the type of concrete.

For cubical cylinders, the number of strokes is less than 35 per layer for 15cm or 25 strokes per layer for 10cm layer.When voids are left by tamping bar, the sides of the mould are tapped to close the voids.

2.Compaction by Vibration

By compacting through vibration, each layer of concrete is vibrated using concrete compacting equipment, electric or vibrator or pneumatic hammer.

The vibrating instrument is used with the help of the vibrating table.Care should be taken for large slump of concrete, otherwise, segregation will happen, which reduces the strength of concrete.

Watch the below compaction of concrete video.

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