Sulphur Infiltrated Concrete-Definition, Applications and Test Results

Sulphur impregnated or infiltrated concrete has improved the strength and other physical properties of the concrete such as corrosion resistance water impermeability.

In the past, there were many attempts have been made to use sulphur as a binding material instead of cement.Sulphur is heated to bring it into molten condition to which coarse and fine aggregates are poured and mixed together.

When cooling, the mixture gives fairly good strength, showed acid resistance and also other chemical resistance, but the worse problem is it is expensive than other cement.

Newly, the application of sulphur was given to impregnate porous concrete to increase its strength and other valuable features. In this process, the quantity of sulphur applied is comparatively less and thereby the method in more cost-effective.

Sulphur Infiltrated Concrete

Test result done on concrete.

In a test procedure for sulphur infiltrated concrete, the concrete shows more than four times increase in splitting tensile strength. Also, the elastic properties of sulphur infiltrated concrete improved 100 percent. Also its resistance to freezing and thawing increases.

If you want the above procedure, please do comment below. I will post in the comment due to some copyright issues.

What are the applications of sulphur impregnated concrete?

  1. They can be used in the precast industry
  2. Precast roofing elements
  3. Railway sleepers
  4. Sewer pipes
  5. When high corrosion resistance is required (Beach or coastal area constructions.


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