What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal roofs?

Advantages and disadvantages of metal roof

Advantages of metal roof

  • More likely to reflect heat than absorb it (good for hot climates and summers).
  • Lasts longer than asphalt shingles (40–70 years vs 12–20).
  • Lighter weight than asphalt roofing.
  • Can be a very fast install because it comes in larger sheets. This is advantageous when a roof is damaged or ripped off in a storm.
  • Highly recommended for places that are prone to wildfires. Metal roofs are fireproof.
  • Many colors and styles available, including ones that look like asphalt singles but can take strikes from softball sized hail stones without damage. There are styles that look like slate, tile, or traditional shingles, as well as traditional standing seam and corrugated.

Disadvantages of metal roof

  • Expense: 1.5–3x the cost of asphalt shingles depending upon the type of metal roof. Complicated roofs are particularly expensive.
  • Generally not conducive to walking on. More dangerous than asphalt shingles for lack of traction, especially when wet.
  • Requires special mounting brackets (snow guards) to keep snow from coming off in large dangerous torrents in northern climates
  • Can be louder during heavy rain, hail or sleet, but not necessarily so.
  • Some types of metal roofing are more prone to denting from hail (other types are designated as guaranteed against hail)

These are the advantages and disadvantages of metal roof

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