What is Ordinary Portland Cement and its Types?

Ordinary Portland cement is most used types of cement in the modern era.OPC cement is widely used for general concrete structures.Here we are going to learn about types of portland cement used in concrete structures.

Generally, OPC cement is not used where there is a presence of sulphates in ground or groundwater.The presence of sulphate causes ettringite formation and leads to expansion of concrete.At last these process will lead to crack formation.

The initial and final setting time of ordinary Portland cement is 30 minutes and 10 hours respectively.Let us see which are the grades of cement below.

Types of portland cement

Types of Portland cement or grade of cement

There are three types of Portland cement and they are classified based on the achievement of compressive strength at its 28th day from its production.

1.33-grade OPC cement

The compressive strength of 33-grade OPC cement after 28 days is 33N/mm².These grades of cement are normally used for general construction purposes in normal environmental conditions.

They are used where low strength concrete is made.That is below the M20 concrete.

2.43-grade OPC cement

The compressive strength of these cement after 28 days is 43N/mm².These types of OPC cement are used for commercial, residential and industrial buildings etc..

They are suitable for all types of applications RCC, plastering and masonry.

3.53-grade OPC cement

These grade of cement should have compressive strength 54N/mm² at its 28 days from production.They are used for making above M30 grade concrete.

They give 15 % saving in cement construction and 5 % in steel reinforcement compared to lower grade cement.

They give better durability to concrete structures and These types of portland cement are used building bridges, flyover, pre-stressed structures, chimneys etc..

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