Parts of Transit Theodolite-Parts and Functions | Components of Theodolite

Theodolite is used for measuring the horizontal and vertical angles.Here we are going to learn about different transit theodolite parts.

Transit theodolite parts ( Parts and fuctions)

Telescope of theodolite

The telescope is the major components of theodolite, Telescope is mounted on a spindle or horizontal axis or trunnion axis. Internal focusing type telescope is widely used.

Vertical Circle of transit level

Vertical circle is another important theodolite parts, a circular graduated ring is attached to the horizontal. With the help of vertical circle, we can measure the vertical angle of the line of sight with the horizontal axis.

theodolite parts

Index frame or T frame

Two verniers are fitted to read the vertical circle. Clip screw is used for slight adjustment. Altitude bubble is placed at the top of index frame.

Transit level head

Transit level head consists of two parallel triangular plates. These triangular plates are called tribrach plates. It is another essential theodolite parts.

Plumb Bob

Plumb bob is used for the temporary adjustment of the theodolite.The temporary adjustment of a theodolite are

  1. Centering
  2. Leveling
  3. Elimination of parallax.


Compass is one of the main parts of theodolite. Compass is used to measure the angle between the normal line and line of sight. There are two types of the compass, prismatic compass, and surveyor compass


Tripod the main part needed for a theodolite and it is used for supporting theodolite.

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