Hollow clay tile-Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

Hollow Clay Tile :-

Clay Hollow bricks are made from a mixture of clay and other materials like rice husk, wood ash and granite ( having been recycled).

They are usually used in making roofs as material for building houses walls and are especially advisable in building of spaces Where there would be high and constant heat levels such as chimneys, bakeries, fireplaces and traditional ovens.

Here below i attached the two pics of Hollo clay tiles.

Pic 1. Hollow clay tile as a brick form

Hollow clay tile-Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

Pic 2. Hollow Clay tile as a brick form

Hollow clay tile-Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

I mentioned below some advantages of hollow Clay Tile. Some of them given below.

Advantages of Hollow clay tiles

  1. Saves costs and time:- Bricklayers who have used clay hollow bricks testify that they generally take less time than other conventional material.
  2. Energy regulation and conservation :- Hollow clay tiles have higher insulation capacity than most other type of tiles. This means that they are especially effective in regulating the energy usage with in a building as regards the seasonal change in temperature.
  3. Strength and Durability :- Hollow clay tiles can be used to make both weight bearing and non – weight bearing walls.
  4. Sound screen Effect :- Due to perforation in them, Hollo clay tiles are better absorbent of sound waves which makes them helpful in reducing the effect of sound vibrations with in a building and also mitigating escape of sound from the building into the outer environment.
  5. Eco friendly :- They are usually made from materials which are generally obtainable from man’s natural environment, clay hollow bricks pose very little or no threat to green life and the entire ecosystem.

Disadvantages of Hollow Clay tiles

  1. There are so many disadvantages of using hollow clay tiles which are following given as below.
  2. We can not use hollow clay tiles in fastely manner in the construction work suppose that we have to complete the some given construction work with in a given time limit than there i can’t use it because there is a chances of damage the tiles.
  3. Hollow clay tiles have low tensile strength.

But in comparison to the disadvantages, there are more advantages has been occurred.

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