What the difference between commercial and residential construction?

What the difference between commercial and residential construction?

Accept it or not commercial and residential buildings are very non-identical and for some reason. The rules, building regulations and standards are completely different too. A residential builder builds houses or dwellings, and a commercial builder builds shops, offices, and factories, etc. But can a residential builder do commercial and vice versa? Yes and no. Provided all permits, and building regulations are followed and they have experience in both builds, they can.

What the difference between commercial and residential construction

Commercial Home Building

A commercial build is a building that is dedicated to commercial activities and a building that is not used for residential purposes. Constructing a commercial building requires careful thought and planning as it tends to be more large scale then a general residential build.

The size of a typical commercial building probably will require larger beams, more square footage of floor space, and room for a variety of activities beyond homebuilding. non-identical plumbing, different egress, different electrical and metal structures that can require large sliding doors or trusses for roof construction that can span a hundred feet or more. All because the space is used in an entirely different way to a residential build.

Another big difference that many people over look in the difference between a commercial build and residential one. With a residential client there is a lot of emotion involved, with a commercial construction, it’s just another job.

Residential Home Building

A residential builder is a builder who specialises in building residences and places where people are ultimately going to live. A residential builder can construct anything from an individual home to homes in a large real estate development. They take charge of all the contractors involved in construction, from the people who dig the foundations to the tradies laying carpet.

A residential builder may meet with the architect who designed the project about the plans, and from there develops an estimate for the client. Once the estimate is approved, the residential builder starts work. They recruit all the contractors that perform foundations, framing and siding, roofing, to plumbing, plastering, wiring and interior finishing, to deliver a complete finished home at the end of the job.

There are a lot of variables but in general, most commercial construction is steel and concrete structure where residential is usually wood framed. However the biggest differences are code requirements for commercial buildings versus residential where they are not quite as stringent.

These are the differences between commercial and residential construction. I hope you guys liked this post.

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