What is the role of quantity surveying in construction industry?

The role of a Quantity Surveyor start from initial stage of the project.He prepares tender and contract documents including bills of quantities. Assessing quantity of resources which includes the material,manpower,time and the money, required for the total project, are also among his main job functions. In a nutshell his task is to minimize the total cost of the project and enhance the value of money while maintaining the quality to the industry standards.

Most of your working time you spent in office but frequent visits to sites required.Quantity Surveyors always work hand in hand with architects,engineers, financiers,contractors,project owners,accountants,suppliers,solicitors,insurance agents and all level of government institutions.

At times you work as a cost manager and economist in the project and need to carry out feasibility studies to estimates, which includes material,labour cost and time.Checking accuracy constantly makes you involved in the project right through out. In addition to that Coordinating progress and the issues of work with every level of people responsible, and advising range of legal and operational issues also comes under quantity surveyor’s purview. Valuing completed work and processing for payments also an important task for them.

This is a highly professional job and you need to pay attention to every single detail towards the assignment. Solving problems quickly , knowledge on financial and numeracy, communication and negotiating, positive thinking and the computer literary, are some of the essential skills they need to developed

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