Which cement is good for construction purpose?

Which cement is good for construction purpose?

There are lots of varieties of cement available in the market. For slab casting, we generally use OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) or PPC (Pozollona Portland cement).

For Individual house construction: using PPC is better than using OPC.

  1. Disadvantage: Since the setting process of PPC is quite slow as compared to OPC. So, the shuttering has be kept intact for a longer period of time.
  2. Advantage: OPC cement is usually available in 43 grade and 53 grade. They have huge heat of hydration as compared to 33 grade cement. Since PPC cement is a 33 Grade cement, the heat of hydration generated is quite low. So you will not observe any shrinkage cracks by using PPC cement.

If the extra time incurred in slab casting is not a concern, the best choice would be PPC cement.

For High Rise Structures: OPC 53 grade cement is advisable because it sets quickly then other types of cements. Since timely completion is a priority for High Rise Structures, OPC 53 cement is used in those cases.

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