Difference between Civil engineering and Construction engineering?

Difference between Civil engineering and Construction engineering?

The construction engineer
All the time I see people state that they are “construction engineers”, “shift engineers” or “site engineers”. Be VERY careful when reading these as credentials. The “engineer” part is generally just a term to make the position look like more than it is. A strong portion of those holding these roles would not have an ABET accredited degree, so bear that in mind. They most likely have degrees in construction management or estimating. As such, construction engineers are generally onsite managers who do things (additional to the superintendents role) like set out pile locations, some instrumentation work, check on rebar before a concrete pour ect…. I often think of them as having more of a technician’s role.

The civil engineer
The civil engineer is the person who designs the foundations, develops the structural scheme, sizes structural members, designs wastewater and stormwater systems etc…. This person will almost always have completed a real engineering course and will either be licensed or be on the way to be licensed. Some of these guys are onsite on larger projects, where they would have the title of resident engineer or something along those lines.

Basically the moral of the story is, unless you have completed a real engineering degree, do not give yourself a fancy title. I hope that some day the term “engineer” gets some legal protection so that it wont be just used as a vanity badge.

These are the difference between construction engineering and civil engineering

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