What is the importance of BIM in construction?

Importance of building information system in construction

Importance of BIM or Building Information Modeling is now a buzzword in construction industry. It consists of 2 important words here: Information and Modeling. The common perception is that BIM means creating 3D model from a 2D design drawing, which is partially correct. There are many more ways in which BIM can be used in today’s construction industry.

importance of building information system

I will list down the current (by current I mean practices which are being used commercially) as well as future prospects of BIM and its utilization in Construction.

  1. Current use cases
    1. 3D visualization
    2. Clash detection and coordination
    3. Quantity Takeoff
    4. Prefabrication of components/racks/areas
    5. Cost/Schedule Tracking
    6. AR/VR for model review
    7. VR for feasibility and customization of projects
    8. Facility Management on an iPad
  2. Future
    1. Field Inspection using AR
    2. Safety Tracking using drones and digital models
    3. Progress Tracking using digital models and scanners
    4. Ordering and Supply chain Management
    5. Project Management and Project controls using BIM
    6. O&M schedule

BIM is essential for the visualization perpose. When we want to rework it is helpful if we have the BIM model with us. It improves the productivity of our project. We can do the shifting and changes vey quickly when we required. With the BIM we easily get the costing of overall project and change the material when we require. When there is collaboration of multiple services it is very much desired. It is most important for the clash detection. With BIM we can also design the safety facility for workers.

As technology improves and becomes handier, I am sure this digitization of construction would take strides towards improving efficiency and reduce waste in the construction industry.

I have been involved in a lot of the above-mentioned activities and would be glad to share ideas/thoughts if you would like to talk or share something.This is the use of BIM in building information system

These are the uses of building information system or bim in construction industry.

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