What is the basic difference between a load bearing structure and a frame structure?


The load bearing masonry Structure are constructed with help of brick , concrete bricks etc.

Load bearing Structure transfer the load to Foundation in this way,

Slab -> Wall -> Foundation.

This is the path of transferred load to Foundation.

The Foundation of Load bearing Structure are made with Rubble Masonry or With Stone which bear all load coming from the Wall.

We can see here the main element is The wall which is Actually load carrying member too.

And Problem is also that When tje wall collapse in any situation then whole structure will collapse.

To make load bearing Structure more stronger then we have to increase the wall thickness but it’s reduce the
Room area.

  • Load Bearing Structure are not perform very well in earthquake but it doesn’t mean all Load Bearing Structure will collapse in future.
  • Taj Mahal is the best example for load bearing Structure.

But the problem is labour work is increase and Material like brick is also required in Quantity.

In The case of Load Bearing Structure.


The Frame structure are more stable and reliable in Earthquake.

Frame Structure make whole structure Flexible.

Frame Structure transfer the load in this Path.

Slab -> Beam-> Column->Foundation

We can see the load distributon path in Frame Structure.

In the Frame Structure the load carrying Element is The Beam and Column.

Now Beam is supporting to Slab so it take bending and shear of slab.

The beam is designed as flexure member because mainly beam has to bend under slab loading.

After this all load is Transferred to Column which take Compression Force.

Now Cloumn is supporting to beam and take the load of beam and transfer to the Foundation.

This Frame make structure Flexible and they have good results in Earthquake.

The brick don’t take any type of load but it is used for cladding.



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