What are the basic knowledge that needed for a civil engineer?

You should know what is the job of a Civil Engineer. From my little knowledge, i think you should know-

  • If you are comfortable doing math/calculations for your whole life then there is structural Engineering. On Structural Engineering, you will have to read a drawing and calculate the load of that structure to be built,  and prepare the drawing with in detail like what type of rebar, where to put, what will be the thickness … etc etc …. These line will not give you idea but you should get some search result of that term.


  • If you are not that comfortable with Math/Calculation of that much deep…. then you can do a job of an Estimator/Quantity Surveyor. This one is also reading a design but that design will come from Structural Engineer. You will read that and calculate how many bricks, bag of cements etc you will need and cost of them…. etc
  • Managerial posts …. you will have to read the report… take decision which bricks brand to chose, how to complete the construction in time using manpower and effective time…. Like that…


  • If you are planning to just make a Building plan and draw them in Autocad….. it can be done but you should study architecture instead.

……………..However, there are a lot job related to a Civil Engineer. But the main categories are: Planning, Designing, Implementing.

You should chose which one will be better for you. Also learn the main job of Civil Engineering will help you decide if that is for you or not.

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