What are the Skills and Knowledge required for BIM Manager?

What are the Skills and Knowledge required for BIM Manager?

Part 1 – What is the workflow and platform?

First and foremost, the BIM Manger acts as the gatekeeper to how the firm implements their BIM workflow.

Assuming a firm has made a commitment to an existing software package, ie Autodesk Revit, the firm will likely hire a BIM Manager with expert level experience in the selected platform and all the other technologies that are tangential in that universe.

This person will often be the key decision maker on what applications and workflows will be used throughout the firm. Ideally these decisions are made based on experience, research and testing along with conversations with other stakeholders such as an architect.

Part 2 – Standards

The next role of the BIM manager is the “keeper of the standard.” Construction drawings require precision of communication. In this case communication is handled through text and graphics. Every firm has its own standards for how drawings are visualized. Everything from fonts and line weights to “how should we draw a toilet?” will come up in a conversation about standards.

I once sat through a 30 minute argument *cough* discussion between two principals on the difference between filled leader heads vs. arrow leader heads. Needless to say the BIM manager helps to set the tone for visual communication and then “makes it happen” from a technical perspective.

Part 3 – Content Management

Another key role of the BIM Manager is the role of the BIM Manager is to be a content curator. In this case when I say content, I mean the models of products or materials that make up the building model. Any given building model is made up of individual models (ie windows , doors, sinks chairs) that make up the building model.

These can be home grown and created by the BIM manger or taken found as provided by a product manufacturer on a site like BIMsmith. The BIM Manager has the lovely role of checking and curating the content library to ensure that it will function properly for the rest of the Architects and draftsmen who use it.

These are the skills and knowledge required for a BIM manager.

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