What are the basic safety features at any construction site?



A) Following type of accidents may occur at site.

i. Falling down, Slipping from height.

ii. Falling of material from top.

iii. Fire

iv. Structural Collapse.

v. Electrical Shocks.

vi. Any other injuries.

B) Why accidents occur ?

i. No use of Safety tools i.e. Helmets, Safety Belts, Safety Shoes, Hand Glows, Goggles, Safety Nets, etc

ii. Not following of safety instructions.

iii. Electricity misuse.

iv. Negligence & Ignorance in following general safety rules

C) First Aid

i. First Aid kit should be readily available.

ii. Administration of First-Aid.

iii. Information to ambulance.

iv. Shifting to nearby hospital.

v. Information to corporate office.

vi. Information to other concerned agency.

vii. Police, Fire Brigade etc

D) Following Corrective/Preventive Actions should be initiated by Project In-Charge

i. Proper training for all

ii. Contractor’s / Supplier have to be properly educated about safety.

iii. Mock-Drills to be regularly conducted.

iv. E.P.R. team to be alert at all times.

v. Role of Security Supervisor is to make people use safety tools.

vi. All are informed about the importance of safety and basic safety safe practices.

vii. Contractor’s / Supplier’s are educated about importance of safety.

viii. Fire-Fighting equipments should be available at site and should be regularly checked.

ix. Electrical overloading or unauthorized connections should be avoided.

x. Avoid working in night time

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