Waste Water Engineering MCQ Part 3- Environmental Engineering MCQ

Waste Water Engineering MCQ Part 3- Environmental Engineering MCQ Questions

Question No. 1
The rational formula for peak drainage discharge, was evolved by
(A) Fruhling
(B) Lloyd David
(C) Kuichling
(D) All of these

Question No. 2
The sewer that unloads the sewage at the point of treatment is called
(A) Main sewer
(B) Outfall sewer
(C) Branch sewer
(D) House sewer

Question No. 3
During preliminary treatment of a sewage
(A) Oil and grease are removed from skimming tanks
(B) Floating materials are removed by screening
(C) Girt and sand are removed by girt chambers
(D) All the above

Question No. 4
For a grit chamber, if the recommended velocity of flow is 0.2 m/sec and detention period is 2 minutes, the length of the tank, is
(A) 16 m
(B) 20 m
(C) 24 m
(D) 30 m

Question No. 5
Dry weather flow is:
(A) Average daily rate of flow
(B) Average monthly rate of flow
(C) Average annual rate of flow
(D) Water supply allowance per capita

Question No. 6
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
(A) The mixture of water and waste products, is called sewage
(B) The treated sewage effluents, are generally used for irrigating the crops
(C) The process of collecting, treating and disposing off the sewage, is called sewerage
(D) The old convergence system was definitely better than water carried sewerage system

Question No. 7
Pick up the correct statement from the following:
(A) The maximum rate of storm runoff is called peak drainage discharge
(B) Rational method of estimating peak run off, may be used precisely for areas less than 50 hectares
(C) The period after which the entire area starts contributing to the runoff, is called the time of concentration
(D) All the above

Question No. 8
¾th or ¼th extra space is left in sewer pipes at maximum discharge for
(A) Low estimates of the average and maximum flows
(B) Large scale infiltration of storm water
(C) Unexpected increase in population
(D) All the above

Question No. 9
If the flame of a miner’s safety lamp in a manhole extinguishes within 5 minutes, the sewer certainly contains
(A) Hydrogen sulphide
(B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Methane
(D) Oxygen

Question No. 10
Hydraulic mean radius is
(A) Mean radius of sewer
(B) Difference in heads between two points in circular pipes
(C) Mean of radii in a pipe line of varying cross-sections
(D) Cross-sectional area/wetted perimeter

Waste Water Engineering MCQ Part 3- Environmental Engineering MCQ Questions

Question No 1:   D

Question No 2:   B

Question No 3:   D

Question No 4:  C

Question No 5:  D

Question No 6:  D

Question No 7:  D

Question No 8:  D

Question No 9:  B

Question No 10: D

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