Geotechnical Engineering MCQ PART 2- IES, RRB, GATE AND PSC EXAMS

Geotechnical Engineering MCQ PART 2 Questions

Geotechnical Engineering MCQ PART 2

Question No. 1
A grillage foundation
(A) Is provided for heavily loaded isolated columns
(B) Is treated as spread foundation
(C) Consists of two sets of perpendicularly placed steel beams
(D) All the above

Question No. 2
Effective stress on soil
(A) Increases voids ratio and decreases permeability
(B) Increases both voids ratio and permeability
(C) Decreases both voids ratio and permeability
(D) Decreases voids ratio and increases permeability

Question No. 3
Hydrometer readings are corrected for:
(A) Temperature correction
(B) Meniscus correction
(C) Dispersing agent correction
(D) Temperature, meniscus and dispersing agent corrections

Question No. 4
The ultimate consolidation settlement of a structure resting on a soil
(A) Decreases with the increase in the initial voids ratio
(B) Decreases with the decrease in the plastic limit
(C) Increases with the increase in the initial voids ratio
(D) Increases with the decrease in the porosity of the soil

Question No. 5
Select the incorrect statement.
(A) In a direct shear box test, the plane of shear failure is predetermined
(B) Better control is achieved on the drainage of the soil in a triaxial compression test
(C) Stress distribution on the failure plane in the case of triaxial compression test is uniform
(D) Unconfined compression test can be carried out on all types of soils

Question No. 6
Factor of safety against sliding of a slope, is the ratio of
(A) Actual cohesion to that required to maintain stability of slope
(B) Shear strength to shear stress along the surface
(C) Neither (a) nor (b)
(D) Both (a) and (b)

Question No. 7
The angle of internal friction, is least for
(A) Angular-grained loose sand
(B) Angular -grained dense sand
(C) Round-grained loose sand
(D) Clays

Question No. 8
Dispersed type of soil structure is an arrangement comprising particles having
(A) Face to face or parallel orientation
(B) Edge to edge orientation
(C) Edge to face orientation
(D) All of the above

Question No. 9
The neutral stress in a soil mass is
(A) Force per neutral area
(B) Force per effective area
(C) Stress taken up by the pore water
(D) Stress taken up by solid particles

Question No. 10
The coefficient of compressibility of soil, is the ratio of
(A) Stress to strain
(B) Strain to stress
(C) Stress to settlement
(D) Rate of loading to that of settlement

Geotechnical Engineering MCQ PART 2 Answers

Question No 1: d

Question No 2: c

Question No 3: d

Question No 4: a

Question No 5: d

Question No 6: d

Question No 7: d

Question No 8: a

Question No 9: c

Question No 10: b

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