MCQ Concrete Technology ( Part 2) – MCQ Civil Engineering

MCQ Concrete Technology ( Part 2) – MCQ Civil Engineering

MCQ Concrete Technology ( Part 2)

Question No. 1
To minimise the effect of differential settlement, the area of a footing should be designed for
(A) Dead load only
(B) Dead load + live load
(C) Dead load + fraction of live load

(D) Live load + fraction of dead load

Question No. 2
Due to circumferential action of the spiral in a spirally reinforced column
(A) Capacity of column is decreased
(B) Ductility of column reduces
(C) Capacity of column is decreased but ductility of column increases
(D) Both the capacity of column and ductility of column increase

Question No. 3
For concreting of heavily reinforced sections without vibration, the workability of concrete
expressed as compacting factor should be
(A) 0.75 – 0.80
(B) 0.80 – 0.85
(C) 0.85 – 0.92
(D) Above 0.92

Question No. 4
Workability of concrete is directly proportional to
(A) Aggregate cement ratio
(B) Time of transit
(C) Grading of the aggregate
(D) All of above

Question No. 5
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(A) Minimum cross sectional area of longitudinal reinforcement in a column is 0.8%
(B) Spacing of longitudinal bars measured along the periphery of column should not exceed 300 mm
(C) Reinforcing bars in a column should not be less than 12 mm in diameter
(D) The number of longitudinal bars provided in a circular column should not be less than four

Question No. 6
Critical section for shear in case of flat slabs is at a distance of
(A) Effective depth of slab from periphery of column/drop panel
(B) d/2 from periphery of column/capital/ drop panel
(C) At the drop panel of slab
(D) At the periphery of column

Question No. 7
For road pavements, the cement generally used, is
(A) Ordinary Portland cement
(B) Rapid hardening cement
(C) Low heat cement
(D) Blast furnace slag cement

Question No. 8
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
(A) Space between the exterior walls of a warehouse and bag piles should be 30 cm
(B) Cement bags should preferably be piled on wooden planks
(C) Width and height of the pile should not exceed 3 m and 2.70 m respectively
(D) None of these

Question No. 9
For a slab supported on its four edges with corners held down and loaded uniformly, the Marcus
correction factor to the moments obtained by Grashoff Rankine’s theory
(A) Is always less than 1
(B) Is always greater than 1
(C) Can be more than 1
(D) Can be less than 1

Question No. 10
Addition of pozzolana to ordinary port land cement, causes
(A) Decrease in early strength
(B) Reduction in chemical action with sulphates
(C) Increase in shrinkage
(D) All the above

MCQ Concrete Technology ( Part 2) Answers

Question No. 1 : C

Question No. 2 : D

Question No. 3: D

Question No. 4: C

Question No. 5: D

Question No. 6 : B

Question No. 7: B

Question No. 8 : D

Question No. 9: A

Question No. 10: D

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