What are problems in construction site faced by a Civil Engineer?

What are problems in construction site faced by a Civil Engineer?

From our work experience, these are the problems in construction site faced by a civil engineer. Please go through the below article.

problems in construction site

  • Health and Safety Problems – There are just so many potential hazards on construction sites, which is why the industry has one of the highest percentage of deaths and loss time injuries! Incidents can cause sites to be immediately shut down and investigated. Rules are different for different jurisdictions, however in my experience health and safety is the largest risk when managing a construction site. As a result there will be a health and safety plan which must be adhered to at all times.
  • Environmental Problems – environmental hazards can also get sites closed down until remedial action is taken. This includes contamination, sediment runoff, natural disasters. These result from the underlying site conditions, weather, natural disasters, and damage to site controls. On a project I was monitoring old asbestos pipes were found under the ground, contaminating surrounding soil. This required the site to be temporarily closed while specialist teams removed the contaminated material.
  • Contractual Disputes – I’m not an expert in this area, but these can arise for a number of reasons, including variations to the work, damage to property onsite, payment claims, defects in workmanship etc. It is therefore extremely important for everyone involved to understand everything in the contract before signing and undertaking any work. As a civil engineer you likely have the responsibility of drafting the contract, and making sure work is undertaken accordingly. You will need to approve any variations to the contract and resolve any issues that arise.

If you are in India some other problems in construction site faced by a civil engineer. Than, trust me buddy you should be mentally prepared at first.

  • If you know how to read drawing works get smoother to you.
  • You have to face all the climate & weather without complaining.
  • If you opt in the private company or under contractor than be prepared to work for 12–14 hours almost every day.
  • You have to deal with all type of people (includes labour to project manager & clients too)
  • You cannot talk to everyone, in the same manner, every time. You have to get your work done from labour (who knows far more work than fresher)
  • You have to learn the things yourself, no one helps you honestly. (In all types of jobs)
  • If you are a graduate engineer than at most of the site you have to take a taunt “you should know this, you are a degree holder engineer”
  • You should be aware & have some patience to listen to some abusive comments.
  • You will face irregular and disruptive salary.
  • And after all its a 7-day working job, (No holidays, No weekends)

These are the common problems in construction site faced by a civil engineer. Thanks for reading.

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