What are the top ten mistakes when buying a house?

Do you always want to hear that, what are the mistakes that we should avoid while buying or purchasing a house? There are a lot of mistakes

mistakes while buying or purchasing a house

Common mistakes happening while buying or purchasing a house

Among them are

  1. Overpaying.
  2. Falling in love with a house for the wrong reasons.
  3. Buying the nicest house in a not-so-good location.
  4. Viewing the purchase as an investment, rather than a place you plan to live in.
  5. Not understanding the difference between easily-correctable items (wall color, carpeting) and difficult or impossible-to-fix items (close to an airport runway, awkward room layouts, house in a physical depression or on a steep slope).
  6. Choosing a buyer’s agent based primarily on the company he/she is with. The agent actually is far, far more important than the company.
  7. Not checking your credit reports (there are 3 primary ones) at least 6 months before looking for a home. If there are problems, it can take that long (or longer) to clear them up or minimize them.
  8. Not getting a home inspection. That applies to new homes, too. Even new homes—and even ones with builders’ warranties—absolutely need a home inspection.
  9. Not planning ahead. The house may work well at the moment, but if you add family members, it may become too small. Or the location may be good for your present job, but if most of the jobs are far away, the location ultimately might become a negative for you.
  10. Not checking out the community. That means contacting the police department to get crime statistics. That might mean researching the schools in the area. Or looking at the county’s “master plan.” That nice wooded area in back of your house might be earmarked for development.
  11. Not reading all the documents you’re signing or will be asked to sign. And not asking questions when you don’t understand something. This applies both to things like the note and mortgage, but it also applies to the HOA or condo documents. Know what you’re agreeing to, so you won’t be surprised, disappointed, or angry when you find out that you can’t paint your house the colour you want, or that your window coverings (visible from the street) must be approved by the “Architectural Committee.”
These are the common mistakes happening while buying or purchasing a house. So don’t be fool next time.

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