How can I utilize the empty cement bags at site?

Fill them with sand/soil, place them in rows and stacking them on top of one another as:

  1. Temporary bunds for keeping out surrounding water
  2. Slope protection to support embankments
  3. Loads (like Kentledge cubes) for conducting pile load tests, superstructure load tests or plate load tests

Cut, spread and stitch them out:

  1. On dampened/watered concrete surface to prevent loss of curing water/enable curing (hessian or jute preferable but cement bags somewhat do)
  2. As temporary roofs for say Labour camps (not as a durable alternative)
  3. On the stacking yard where you want to pile heaps of aggregates, sand, etc to prevent land contamination

And if you want to make some petty cash, you can sell off the empty bags online (around Rs 2-5/bag depending on whether it’s PP or HDPE — latter more common)

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