How cost of construction can be reduced?

To reduce the cost of construction is basically some pointed the noted before the construction:

  1. Detail study of project
  2. be careful during the surveying works
  3. study the environment of the project location like wind,intensity of rain,weathering etc
  4. historic record. Some issues with the land can inhibit you from getting building permits, or cost a fortune in clean up .
  5. Just about everyone is concerned about pricing. It should be noted that in the end a more skilled and more expensive builder might reduce time, mistakes, and unexpected overages
  6. In many cases the least expensive area in the house to construct is the basement. It requires no additional roofing, the floor above adds no cost. It is only a matter of excavation of dirt, and the additional poured material. If you finish the basement, it can usually be allocated as finished space when selling the home.
  7. complete supervision during the construction
  8. daily expenses noted and total counting after weekly in all expenses
  9. experience labour use for the all steps in construction
  10. and time to time check the construction materials

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