How can you Prevent failure of beam?

Preventing failure of the beam

Failure of the beam depends upon Various factors. Two most common aspects are

  1. Engineering
  2. Workmanship

failure of beam

Engineering means bending, shear, torsion

To prevent failure in the beam, there are some points below

  1. According to the size of the beam, steal bars having diameter like 12mm, 16mm etc.
  2. Extra bars should be provided.
  3. Proper spacing must be necessary.

For example, at some distance from junctions, stirrups having less spacing as compare to more spacing at central portion to prevent shear failure.

4. Concrete mix design must be necessary and during casting, proper vibrator should be operated to avoid voids.

5. Development length should be proper according to drawing.

Workmanship means wrong detailing of reinforcement and negligence in casting of beam.

If we know the the stiffness that is force per unit deflection then we can easily understand the deflection or bending and by increasing moment of inertia of section can reduce deflection.

We must ensure compatibility equation during analysis of beam or you can say main beam and secondary beam so to avoid torsion.

IS 456 and SP34 codal provisions need to be follwed for other stability factors of beam.

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